Finally, spring is officially here. As the days continue to pass by during the season, day time will begin to increase. Spring refers to the season/idea of rebirth, rejuvenation and regrowth.  Therefore, spring is the perfect time to renew your garden/landscaping.  Here are a few tips to get your garden/landscaping a fresh new look.


Prepare your lawn:
Rake your lawn to remove winter debris, dead growth, and leftover leaves from the fall. This will help bring light and air to the top soil level and allow the grass to grow. If there are any bare patches on your lawn, rake the area(s) firmly and then reseed.

Weed the young weeds now:
Any weeds that are in your garden beds will be the easiest to pull now since the roots are shallow. To minimize the growth of new weeds, cover bare spots with mulch or a ground cover.

Clean your gutters:
To prevent water from drowning on your plants below, be sure to clean your gutters. A house-end attachment specially designed for gutters will make the process a lot easier.

Using coffee grounds to prep your soil is a great way to save money and be ‘eco-friendly’. Coffee grounds are filled with nitrogen, a mineral that helps in plant growth.  You can also use egg shells as a fertilizer. Crushed egg shells are rich in calcium carbonate which helps enrich the soil.

Water your plants:
Use cooking water. Watering plants with left over cooking water is a great way to add vitamins and minerals left behind after boiling pasta and vegetables. Make sure that the water has cooled down before you shower your plants. To fight off plant infections, use cooled off chamomile tea.

Garden at night:
Studies have shown that planting in the moonlight will actually make your plants grow faster and stronger. Planting at night also maximizes water usage.

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