Thankful for…… Buyers & Sellers


Savory turkey, delicious mashed potatoes, and all kinds of mouth-watering dishes are calling your name. So is hosting or attending another open house worth passing up a slice of pumpkin pie?

Not many people are going to leave the Thanksgiving dinner table to run out and look at for-sale homes. Nor are many people going to try to persuade their real estate agent to hold an open house for showings on a holiday. However, there are pros and cons to selling your home or looking for your next one over Thanksgiving and the other winter holidays.

If you are seriously shopping for a home and have decided to forgo the lines at big box stores, then looking for a home over the holidays can be rewarding.



Thanksgiving weekend   

This Thursday is Thanksgiving and no one can compete with the all-day food fest, and no one in their right mind wants to go head-to-head with Black Friday madness. But this weekend might be another story. If your house is currently on the market, then you certainly want to get it sold before the December holidays arrive and the first big arctic blasts of snow hit.

Thanksgiving weekend may be a smart time to hold an open house. Your home is already for sale, so pack up the leftovers, take down some of the holiday decorations, and take advantage of everyone’s downtime to try to get some of those home shoppers through your front door.



Less traffic, but serious buyers

The downside is that during the holidays, most prospective homebuyers are focusing their attention elsewhere; family, traveling, shopping, parties..etc. Therefore they may be postponing their home shopping until January, making it their New Year’s resolution to find the perfect place. However, the good news is that the buyers who are looking around the holidays are serious buyers. They may have deadlines by which they need move or are simply determined to buy.


Fewer choices, but motivated sellers

If you are seriously shopping for a home and have decided to forgo the lines at big box stores, then looking for a home over the holidays can be rewarding. Most home sellers are acutely aware that the December holidays are fast approaching and the bad weather is on its way. The clock is ticking to get their house sold, and the number of buyers on their doorstep is only going to keep dwindling until buyer interest picks up again in late winter and early spring. All that makes for a lot of very motivated sellers and some great home deal possibilities.


Not the best time to list your home … or is it?

Historically, the majority of home sellers will wait to list their homes in January after the holiday season and the New Year’s madness. However, several real estate agents do very well placing houses on the market between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The theory is that there is far less competition and inventory. Sellers get all of the foot traffic to themselves, as there are fewer homes on the market to preview.





The bottom line

No matter where you live, Thanksgiving is the day to enjoy family and friends, not necessarily the day to go looking for your next dream home! But the weekend after is a different story; the quieter period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is the perfect time to consider your next move. Contact your local Homesale Real Estate Professional to help you with your home needs.






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