Brighten up Your Home

Staying home on a Saturday night doesn’t mean you have to relax in a boring and colorless home. Chances are your home has the potential to be vibrant with the things that you already have. These tips can help you spruce up your home:




Home Office: Let some light in; the best way to light a home office is through natural light, not only because it’s brighter, but also because it’s free. Organize your office by giving some of your office essentials their own separate space. Placing storage behind your desk decreases the clutter and organizes of all your necessities.




Living Room: This is the room where friends and family come for entertainment. Experiment and set the mood with the use of pillows. Did you know that pillows can change the whole aura of the room? Toss a few throw pillows on sofas or chairs for a pop of color and style. Rearrange your furniture to elongate the room and create an intimate seating area.





Dining Room: Bright blue and brown wallpaper and cool colored tables add to the casual and cozy atmosphere in any dining room. Line photos of you and your family around the sides of the wall to create a relaxed and comfortable setting to host dinner gatherings.





Bathroom: Don’t be scared of paint. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way toward creating a new look in any space, and not just on the walls. Give that tired white bathroom of yours second life by painting it coral blue. 





Bedroom: Let that room of yours stand out with statement artwork. Likebbr mentioned earlier, natural light is beautiful for your bedroom and studies show that chronic exposure to light at night leads to a host of health problems. Investing in a small nightstand and lamp gives you just the right amount of light to keep you comfortable and save your money.






Now, try some of these fun ideas in your home.

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