Prepping to Sell

Every seller wants his/her home to sell quickly and at the best price possible;  it takes more than just good luck to make this happen.  With careful planning and a little bit of know-how you can highlight your home’s strengths and downplay the weaknesses; turning it into a very desirable home!

De-clutter and de-personalize are typically the top two suggestions for making a home more marketable.  The buyers need to be able to imagine themselves, not you, in the home.  Photos and family heirlooms will distract buyers from looking at your home’s fabulous features.  Removing extra clutter and furniture will make rooms appear larger and also makes it easier for buyers to move around your home.  Rent a storage space if necessary to hold extra items while your home is on the market.

Here are some other great suggestions:

Neutral Appeal

Paint the LR in a fresh, warm, neutral shade to tone down any out of date finishes.  A good rule of thumb is to use neutrals in all large spaces. neutral


Make Minor Repairs

Replace cracked tiles, patch holes in walls, fix leaky faucets, fix doors and drawers that won’t close or jam, and replace burned-out bulbs. repair

Three’s Company

Accessories can make a room more inviting.  Odd numbers are preferable, especially three.  Imagine a triangle and place an object at each point.  Be sure to vary height and width, with tallest in the back.  Group by color, texture, or some other unifying factor. threes company

Polished Appearance

Take a little extra time to make the bathroom tile and fixtures sparkle.  Consider accessories that will give off that spa-feel!  Put out items like rolled-up towels, decorative baskets, and candles.  This gives the bath a polished look and doesn’t cost much. polished

A little pop

Visit your garden and bring a little fresh color indoors.  Fresh cut flowers will add color to your home and also herald the seasons.  Bright and sunny for spring and summer, a little fall foliage, or how about evergreens and holly berries for a smashing winter look. a little pop

Curb Appeal

Your home won’t sell if the buyer won’t get out of their car. Keep the sidewalks clear, trim lawn and shrubs, paint faded trim, and add a few colorful flowers (weather permitting). 

First impressions are very, very important! curb

So Inviting

Create a relaxing bedroom setting with soft colors and luxurious, comfy linens.  Remember to de-clutter your closet, flaunt the storage space! inviting


Furnish your space by floating furniture away from walls.  Position into cozy groups and create an obvious traffic flow for the room.  This will open up the room and make it seem larger. grouping

 A few final suggestions:

  • Great lighting makes a home warm and welcoming.  Increase the wattage in lamps and fixtures.
  • Paint a small room the same color as an adjacent room.  A seamless look will make both rooms feel like one large space.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a dark paint in a small room, like a powder room, for a cozy, intimate feel.
  • Display art in a creative way, not just encircling your room.  This is a great way to show off your space.
  • Remove and replace favorite items you wish to keep, like curtains or fixtures.  If a buyer doesn’t see it, they won’t want it. 
  • Make your home sparkle inside and out.  Clean windows, polish chrome, vacuum daily, wax floors, replace worn rugs, etc.

 The work is done, your home is now ready to shine and impress all those potential buyers.  Happy Selling!

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