America Recycles Day – November 15th

Help keep America beautiful!!

recycle-postJoin the movement to recycle more! Recycling in the United States has increased every year for the last 30 years. The current recycling rate is 34.7%.

Visit the official America Recycles website to get more information on taking your own pledge to recycle, organizing a local event, and to discover more about the organization. Click here…

No need to wait until November 15th to do your part. Here are some great recycling suggestions you and your friends/family can start using today…..**


** (Check with your local authorities to confirm that your area accepts these recycling practices)

  • Keep separate bags in your car for trash & recycling – pre-sorting makes it easier to recycle on the go! 
  • Recycling is not just in the kitchen. Include your shampoo bottles, toilet paper rolls, etc.
  • Beyond the daily news – Sometimes cereal boxes, tissue boxes, magazines, etc. can also be included.
  • Better than nothing – Even though you can’t recycle the greasy bottom of a pizza box, you can recycle the top half!
  • Most will not accept paper cups because of their waxy lining…but don’t forget to recycle those “sleeves”.
  • Most times the plastic bottle caps can be recycled along with the bottle!
  • More than plastic grocery bags…most drop off facilities also accept plastic bread bags, drycleaner bags, possibly even the plastic wrap on your paper towel rolls, toilet tissue, etc.
  • Reduce unwanted mail by unsubscribing via 
  • What you put in your recycle bin is just as important as what you don’t put in. DON’T contaminate the process by including items that are NOT recyclable. Check with your local recycling office.
  • Include your food – toss coffee grounds or egg shells into your garden to enrich the soil, rather than in your trash. 
  • Old cell phones – Donate it to a local charity or find a drop off facility near-by for recycling.
  • Full circle – buy products that “contain” recycled materials to keep them in demand.

As our population grows, so does our need to recycle more. Please try to exhaust all efforts to reduce, reuse, and/or donate all items before you simply throw them in the garbage!! Check with your local waste management office, non-profit charities, or utilize the “free stuff” section on Craig’s List… all you can to find a “new home” for unwanted items.

“In the long term, economic sustainability depends on ecological sustainability.”
— America’s Living Oceans

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