Who Needs Job Action Day? Not Those With The “Happiest” Job In America

Sell-your-house-fast-nutleyNovember 4th is Job Action Day.  According to the website Quint Careers.com, Job Action Day is “an opportunity to not only examine your current job and employer, but also evaluate both the stability of that job and employer as well as your personal fulfillment with your job.”

If a survey from earlier this year is any indication, most Real Estate Agents will be feeling pretty happy on Job Action Day.  Working in Real Estate tops the list of the happiest jobs in America, as compiled by CareerBliss.com.

“The improving housing market is just one reason why real estate agents are smiling,” said Prudential Homesale Services Group Managing Director Doug Rebert.  “There’s a great deal of satisfaction in helping people find their dream homes.”

Prudential Homesale Services Group Agent (name) agrees.  “My work is rewarding for a number of reasons.  I have flexibility, I meet new people and I love that I’m not tied to a desk all day.”

The CareerBliss poll examined data from 65,000 independent company reviews and Real Estate professionals beat out quality assurance engineers, sales representatives and construction superintendents when job satisfaction was rated on 10 different factors.

“Realtors say that the way they work, and the rewards they are seeing with a growing market, has helped boost overall happiness for those in this career,” said Heidi Golledge, CEO and co-founder of CareerBliss.

Prudential Homesale offers classes and training as real estate agents. Visit www.HomesaleCareers.com today for more information.

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