Get Ready For Labor Day

laborday-grillLabor Day is a U.S. federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (Sept. 2, 2013). It was originally organized to celebrate the many labor associations and their role in our economy…it’s now considered a day of rest! For many it also the “unofficial” end of summer and a last chance for trips and outdoor events!

Here are few top suggestions for having fun and relaxing this Labor Day:

  •      At Home Spa Day – Spas can be expensive…create your own at home!
  •      “Turn off”, enjoy mother nature – Leave all tech devices off and hit the trails!
  •      Plan a “staycation” – Visit local tourist attractions, buy goofy souvenirs!
  •      Volunteer – Can’t just sit back and relax?  Give back to the community!
  •      Listening Party – Dig out your favorite music, invite friends to bring theirs too!  Spend the day creating new playlists and burning new cds!
  •      Junk Food Movie Night – Choose 1 day this weekend to rent cheesy movies and load up on junk food.
  •      Family Game Night – Dust off the old board games or learn a new one!
  •      Spend the day in bed – Prepare easy meals ahead of time, drag books, games, and music into your room, hide the cell phone!
  •      Paint a family mural – Sounds like work, but it’s a great, creative family project!
  •      Have a cook-off – “Stir up” a little friendly competition at your Labor Day picnic!

Check out these great local events too!! : (click on the links)

Aug 2013 IOV - Flier

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