Avoiding Kindergarten Jitters

kidergartenThe first day of kindergarten can bring a few tears, especially for parents.  It may be hard to believe your child is growing up so fast. Try to keep your emotions under wraps and make sure your child feels excited and ready to begin this year of learning and fun experiences.

Is your child is ready and what can you do to help them?  Here are a few top recommendations…

kidergarten-crayonsGet to know the school – Drive by it often during the summer and take a tour.  This will help your child be more comfortable with the building.  Bring up school in conversations at home and talk about how much fun it can be.  As a parent, attend open houses and meet-the-teacher events.  It’s a great way to meet other parents and stay informed.

kidergarten-crayonsIndependence – Work with your child over the summer on making good choices.  Encourage them to pick healthy foods for lunch.  Many children this age are used to Mom making choices; this new freedom can be overwhelming.  Also find ways to teach them simple problem solving skills.  Make sure your child can go to the bathroom alone, use buttons and zippers, and maybe even learn to tie their shoes, if you think they are ready.  These activities/accomplishments are great confidence boosters!!

kidergarten-crayonsSchool bedtime routine – Begin a new routine about a month ahead.  Parents can scale back gradually each night.  8:00pm is a great time, but you’ll know best how much rest your child needs.  Stick to the routine.

kidergarten-crayonsWork on skills – Have your child practice writing their name and lower case letters.  Incorporate counting into as many daily activities as you can.  Count steps to the mailbox, napkins on the table, pieces of fruit, etc.  Make daily errands learning experiences, but don’t overdo it!

kidergarten-crayonsSchool Shopping – Make this a fun experience!  Most schools can provide a list of what is needed and what’s allowed.  Encourage your child to make choices about colors, types, etc.

kidergarten-crayonsVisit a library – Visit your local library and get a free library card.  Visit the library each week to borrow a new book.  Talk about the books you read.

kidergarten-crayonsStudy Spot – Find a quiet spot at home and stock it with crayons, paper, scissors, and other “tools”.  Set aside time daily to have your child “work” in their spot.  When school starts, this can be their place for doing homework.

kidergarten-crayonsSocial Skills – Schedule play dates for your child with their friends.  Expose them to various personalities and encourage sharing and cooperation.  Great classroom skills!

kidergarten-crayonsDo your homework – Make sure you have completed all necessary paperwork and that your child has the required immunizations, tests, etc. to start school.

Kindergarten readiness does not have to dominate the rest of your summer, but taking some time to prepare will certainly go a long way to guaranteeing a smoother transition!

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