Your Kitchen- Decorate on a Dime!

Are you bored with your kitchen or selling your home and need a new look? Here are some great ideas that will help you decorate and spruce up your kitchen without breaking your bank account!

June 2013 IOV - Ecard
Wall Color – Change the wall color, choose a neutral shade such as gray or beige. A bright color tends to “date” a room while neutral shades stay fresh and give you a better building block for your other fabulous decorating ideas!

Rugs – Area rugs will add a splash of color and can cover an old floor. Rugs used under your table should be large enough to accommodate chairs that are fully pulled-out.

Slipcovers – Covers can be used to add holiday and seasonal charm to your kitchen. They will also help to soften the room and enhance the décor.

Drawer/Cabinet Pulls – There are so many patterns and textures available! You will easily find a design to compliment your kitchen style and they are a breeze to install!

Cookbooks – No budget for accessories? Use the cookbooks you already own to create an interesting display. Group them in different, interesting configurations with some standing and some lying down or align them in graduating heights.

Touch of outdoors – Hang a plant from a bare ceiling corner to add warmth and life to the room. Plants will provide points of interest. Silk plants could work too, but take the time to shop around and choose ones that look realistic!

Accessorize – A few carefully placed accessories can take a room from dull to dramatic! Choose a theme and give your kitchen a new look by replacing just a few key items, like dish towels, canister sets, salt and pepper shakers, and pot holders.

Border – A wallpaper border is easy to install and fairly inexpensive. They can be used to add color at the top of the walls, to break up a tall, drab wall in the middle, or try a new twist and place the border underneath the cabinets!

Check with the pros – Books, magazines, television, and the internet are all great resources for endless decorating ideas!! Find a design you really like and have fun trying to re-create the look in your own room!

Big space or small space, big budget or small budget; it doesn’t matter what you start with. As long as you bring your creativity, and enthusiasm; you can end up with the charming, cozy kitchen you’ve always wanted!

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