Planting your Garden

planting“No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden”.

~Hugh Johnson 

It may seem like there is no end in sight to these cold days of winter but time passes quickly and spring will be here before you know it.  Now is the perfect time to do a bit of garden brainstorming.  Some things to consider may be what type of garden you want to plant, how big or small it will be, and what purpose will your garden serve.  Read on for some helpful gardening tips…


Wildlife Garden

One perk of a garden is watching the wildlife it attracts.  If you provide food, water and a place to nest, they will come.  Some plants attract more wildlife than others.  If you want to ensure you’ll always have guests in your garden, it’s good to know which ones to plant.


Butterflies -A butterfly bush will attract them, but a wider variety of plants will entice other species to visit your garden.

  • §Butterfly bush, Red Hot Poker, Iris, Lavender, Rosemary, Zinnia, Bee Balm, Phlox

Birds– Trees or plants that produce seeds or berries, a birdbath and a nesting “space” will draw wild birds to your backyard haven.

  • §Eucalyptus tree, Yucca, Iris, Beech Tree, Lime Tree, Rosemary, Crabapple, Elderberry, Oregon Grape

Hummingbirds- Hummingbirds are drawn to things that are red and very fragrant.

  • §Honeysuckle, Red Hot Poker, Yucca, Iris, Lily, Lavender, Canna, Cardinal Creeper, Bee Balm

Fragrant Garden

Now you can enjoy a fragrant garden by creating a sweet-smelling haven right in your own backyard.  Where you live will dictate the kind of plants you grow and what time of year to enjoy them.  Also consider whether you are looking for plants to enjoy in the garden or to cut and bring indoors.


Gardenias – They don’t have much of a stem, but float well in water and make beautiful short bouquets

PeoniesLow-maintenance, deer-resistant flowers that are easily cut for bouquets and arrangements

Irises Look delicate, but are actually tough, drought-tolerant flowers that thrive in sunlight

Sweet peas – Come in a variety of different colors, some with stronger scents

Lilies – Come in many vibrant colors, making them great both for bouquets

Rosemary – Brings fragrance to the garden and flavor to the kitchen

Lavender – Smelling lavender helps reduce anxiety


Family Garden

This garden isn’t about finding all the right plants, it’s about creating a space children, adults, and pets can all enjoy together.


Create play areas surrounded by cheerful plants that attract butterflies

Rotate toys to prevent boredom

Include plants children can help with and call their own

Hang a simple tire swing from a sturdy tree branch

Water features are nice, but be sure your children are old enough to enjoy it and it doesn’t pose any danger

Look for and talk about the various wildlife that visits your garden

Dogs can enjoy the garden too by creating a shady rest spot for them and setting clear boundaries (raised) to keep them out of other areas

Plant a pad of catmint for your feline family members; they love it!



Vegetable Garden

Enjoy the delicious harvest that a small vegetable garden can provide.  Things to think about…


Start small so you are not overwhelmed by care and maintenance.  A 10’x12’ garden provides a surprising amount of food

Most vegetables enjoy 6 hours of sunlight a day

A healthy garden requires rich, well-drained soil.  Use an organic fertilizer.

Soil temperature is as important as air temp.  Don’t plant your seeds too early!

Have protective gear readily available for unexpected frost

Keep a layer of organic mulch on your garden to help conserve moisture and suppress weeds.

A low fence can help keep unwanted guests from enjoying the fruits of your labor

Plant a marigold border, they help ward off bugs

Pick as soon as they are ready, do not allow them to deplete energy from future growth

Keep it close, you will be more likely to use it


Your garden is your creation.   One final thing to keep in mind; if you have allergies avoid those plants that trigger a reaction, as well as other plants in the same “family”.


“Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration”. ~Lou Erickson



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