Homesale Launches Paperless Transaction System


Partnered with dotloop, Homesale is creating a more digital real estate experience. dotloop eliminates the need for paperwork, provides a streamlined process and allows our agents to spend more time better serving their clients. Giving our agents and their clients the ability to negotiate, collaborate, e-sign, and close deals, all in one place, will result in saving an average of up to 10 hours per transaction.

In December of 2012, Homesale started developing a system that is fully supported in-house and compliments the dotloop Support Team. The goal was not only to provide a product but to provide full support for agents of all different technology levels. Jen Brown, Project and Training Manager from our Agent Services Department, is heading the project. She has worked with each office to customize the system to the local business processes in each of the areas we serve and has organized training and follow-up support for our agents and back office staff as well. We systematically launched first in our Wyomissing office as a beta in March then followed by our Harrisburg Region in April and the rest of the 27 locations will launch in May.

Rick Doyle, President of Realty Operations stated, “ I am proud of how seamless the launch process has been. It is great to have Jen lead our team of 1300 people into a completely paperless real estate age. We are happy to employ a technology for all of our customers and clients that will make the home buying process even more efficient. ”

Agents are excited to have one place to share, sign and store all of the documents related to a transaction.

Randy Quinby - Wyo“Embracing dotloop has given me something that I couldn’t find anywhere else in this business; time. It saves time printing documents, scanning them to e-mail, and waiting hours to get them back from your client. The system is easy to use and has a unique interface that allows you as an agent to appear ahead of the curve with technology but is simplistic at the same time. If you forget a document, you can easily send it on the go between showings or appointments via a smartphone, which will prove to be a lifesaver!”Randy Quinby, Wyomissing Office

cathy-kopicz-wyo1“dotloop and me did not get off to a happy start. I had to go through quite a few phone calls to get up and running. However, it was worth the time. It is really going to be beneficial to streamline and share our documents. We can also store documents – such as the AOS we use for Freddie Mac property in there as well (as a template). Of course, I am sure we only touched the tip of the value of this program. You can scan all your docs into the Loop – no more huge copy fees for us! This is the wave of new technology and I believe we have no choice but to embrace the changes and give them our best shot.”Cathy Kopicz, Wyomissing Office

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