Why use a Realtor to buy your next home??


February 2013 IOV - Ecard


Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in a lifetime. Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it is worth using a real estate professional.

 Determining price range – By providing some basic information about your financial status (income, savings, debt, etc.), a Realtor can help you determine the price range for your home and refer you to a lender that is best qualified to assist you.

 Finding the right fit – A Realtor has access to more resources than average individuals and can help locate the property that is the best fit for you, whether actively listed on the market or not.

 Extra Information – In addition to finding the right home, a Realtor can provide other types of valuable information that may be critical to your decision; information on zoning, schools, utilities, etc. These items can be important in determining a home’s future resale value and if a home has the environment you desire.

 Negotiations – Real estate contracts involve a myriad of factors; more than just price. You may need to consider financing, date of possession, and the inclusion of repairs, furniture, or equipment. An agreement should also provide enough time to complete inspections of the property before you become bound to the purchase. Your agent can advise you on all of these items.

 Resources and support – If your contract includes inspections for pests, structure stability, roof condition, asbestos or others; a Realtor can suggest responsible professionals to do most of these and provide written reports. You will also want to see a report on the title of the property; a Realtor can help you interpret this document and clarify things like property lines, rights of access, etc.

 Financing – There are so many options; a qualified Realtor will be able to explain them and help you decide the best terms for your budget.

 Closing – A Realtor will guide you step-by-step through the process, making sure it is process is as smooth as possible.

Contact one of our real estate professionals today to help you find your next home!


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