New Home To-Do List

movingCongratulations, you have found the home of your dreams, but now what? Now is when the real work, planning, and fun begins. This is an exciting new chapter in life, full of great experiences. Take a few minutes now to create a to-do list and plan projects before moving day arrives! You will be glad you did.

Plan & Prepare:

  • Hook yourself up – About a month ahead of the move, contact your current water, electric, cable, and phone companies. This will give you plenty of time to schedule cancellations and not incur any unnecessary charges. Also contact your new providers to schedule “turn-on dates”. Nothing would be worse than trying to move and settle in without water or electric!
  • Update Insurance – Notify your homeowner’s insurance company of the change in your residence. If moving to another state, chances are you will have to get a new policy and maybe even a new company, depending on your current insurance company’s coverage.
  • Go Postal – Recommendations are to file a change of address request with the USPS approximately 6-weeks before you move. You can stop by your local post office or complete it online at At the same time, it’s a good idea to remove your name from junk catalog lists ( Eliminate the extra clutter!
  • Medical Records – If you are moving out of the area, it will be much easier to get a copy of your records now rather than later. You may need them to establish yourself as a new patient with another doctor.
  • Local News – Sign up for the local newspaper in your new community. What a wonderful way to get to know the local shops, restaurants, and organizations; plus find out about upcoming events!

Pre-move Projects:
In addition to paperwork, utility switches, and other aspects of moving, now is a great time to consider home renovation projects. Many of them will be much easier to do before all of your belongings arrive!

  • Replace flooring – This can seem a bit daunting now, but will be so much easier for all involved if you can do this project while the space is empty.
  • Painting – Even if you can’t decide on new colors for every room, completing this in just one or two rooms is a great accomplishment. And again, it’s much simpler when you don’t have to crawl over furniture!
  • Closet systems – Closet systems installed ahead of time will allow for easy unpacking; items can go from boxes right into drawers and on shelves.
  • Electrical upgrades – If you’re moving into an older home and this is on the to-do list keep in mind that electricians are paid by the hour; get them in and out as quick as possible!
  • Garage Storage – Have sturdy storage shelves to move? Have them loaded last, so you can get to them first. This will give you an immediate space for those “stored” items and will keep floor space open for other things.

Using the tips and hints here, you’ll find that all of this can be a pleasant experience.

Happy Moving!!

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