Selling Your Home in the Summer…

  1. Create Curb Appeal
    Mow your lawn twice a week, trim the bushes, plant flowers, scatter mulch.  Sweep your sidewalk or porch and create a welcoming entrance.
  2. Decorate with Summer Accents
    Open your blinds to let in the summer sun and bring the light inside.  Use summer shades for rugs, accent pillows, table runners, and towels.
  3. Beat the Heat
    Avoid having a hot room by keeping the air moving with fans.  Keep your AC turned down so it is cooler inside so buyers don’t want to go back outside.  Supply a decorative ice bucket with bottled water for guests.
  4. Use Summer Scents
    Instead of overdoing it with too many air fresheners, cut fresh flowers and use them for display.
  5. Liven up the Outdoors
    Power wash your deck, take off the grill cover, place your cushions the outdoor furniture, and set the mood for summer entertainment.

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