Where Will Housing Prices be in the Spring?

Sellers are often under the assumption that they should wait until spring before putting their home on the market.  They believe that they will attract more buyers and sell their home at a higher price.  Typically, this makes sense.  However, the foreclosure properties that are being released by the banks will affect the market.  It is believed that this increase in the supply of homes will prevail over buyer demand, and cause home prices to decrease

“U.S. foreclosure activity has been mired down since October of 2010, when the robo-signing controversy sparked a flurry of investigations into lender foreclosure procedures and paper work. While foreclosure activity has registered well below levels from a year ago, there is evidence that this temporary downward trend is about to change direction, with foreclosure activity slowly beginning to ramp back up.” –RealtyTrac 

With today’s market, you may get a better price for your home by selling now, instead of waiting until spring!

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