How to Sell Your Home in the Winter

  1. Keep your house well lit– Since winter consists of short and cloudy days, pay attention to how well your house is lit.  For a showing, make sure all the bulbs are working and turn a light on in every room.  Keep the lights on in the front of your house to create a welcoming look for people driving passed.
  2. Maintain the outdoors– It is important to provide buyers with a safe and convenient place to park.  Shovel a parking space, clear the sidewalk, and keep walking areas salted to be sure that they have easy access from their vehicle to your doorstep.
  3. Don’t over decorate– Use white lights to decorate trees and bushes rather then big colorful bulbs and inflatable figurines in the front yard.  Place holiday decorations around the house to create a happy and comforting look but don’t be excessive. 
  4. Adjust your thermostat– Buyers are likely to keep their coats on as they walk through your home.  Keep the temperature at a comfortable 65 degrees to avoid roasting them. 
  5. Organize your outdoor clothing– Avoid stuffing your closet full of winter coats and creating a mound of gloves and scarves.  Hang coats that are worn most often in the closet, move the rest to a spare bedroom’s closet or storage bin.  Place a storage container in the bottom of the closet or a decorative chest/basket at the door for gloves and scarves. 

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