Safe Trick or Treating

Our Homesale Family would like to wish you a safe and happy Halloween!  Halloween is a great time  for your kids to dress-up as their favorite character and have some fun but it is important to keep them safe.  Here are a few quick tips: 

  • Give your kids a flashlight or glow sticks/necklaces (kids love those)
  • Be sure that carved pumpkins with candles are out of the walkways so     
    costumes don’t get caught in them
  • Only go to your friends’ or family’s homes
  • Test face paint and make-up to be sure your child isn’t allergic before painting their face
  • Trick or treat in groups and stick to well lit areas
  • Pick a meeting spot in case anyone gets separated or lost
  • Check your kids’ candy to be sure they aren’t opened (feel free to snag a few peanut butter cups)

Wishing you more treats then tricks, stay safe and have fun!

, your Real Estate Resource!

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