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June 25, 2012

4th of July Safety

This Fourth of July, friends and family all across the country will gather in celebrating our nation’s independence and what is considered by many to be the unofficial start of summer. If your traditions include fireworks and barbecues, these tips can help you prevent emergencies and enjoy a safe holiday;

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June 21, 2012

Tips for Childproofing Your Home

*500,000 children under the age of 4 are injured in the home every year.

Follow these steps to keep your children safe and create a kid-friendly environment:

  1. Attach child locks to your cabinet doors so your children are unable to access cleaning products or other hazardous materials.
  2. Install baby gates to prevent toddlers from any areas that could cause harm.  (read the instructions to make sure they are installed properly)
  3. Insert plastic protectors into all electrical sockets that are in reach.
  4. Use anchor straps to secure TV’s and bookcases to the wall, this will prevent them from falling over.
  1. Do not store cosmetics in reach; place them in a high, latched drawer.
  1. Lock medicine and any dangerous medical supplies in a cabinet.
  1. Keep windows locked and screens tightly in place.  Make sure any cords from blinds or curtains and wrapped and out of reach.
  1. Use corner and edge bumpers on tables, fireplaces, and counters to soften falls or bumps.

*Statistic from


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June 18, 2012

Which is Better: A Rental or Your Own Home?

A National Housing Survey was conducted to determine if it is better to live in a rental or your own home. This chart shows the results of the survey.
What the chart does not show is the national average interest rate, which is an extremely low 30 year 3.71% and 15 year 2.98%. With these low interest rates your monthly mortgage payment might even be less then what you pay in rent each month. This is another GREAT reason to own your own home!



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June 13, 2012

Plan Ahead for Homeownership

Studying for your college courses? Focusing on athletics? Starting your new career? Even if you’re not quite ready to buy your first home, it is important to position yourself so when you decide to take the next step, you are completely ready.

Start with:

1.    Building good credit
Sign-up for a credit card but pay it off every month.  If you’re renting, use your name for the lease, utilities, and other bills but make sure these bills are paid on time.

2.    Saving for a down payment & closing costs
Open a savings account so you can start putting money aside and acquire more interest.  In addition to a down payment, buyers also need cash for closing costs.  There are loans that don’t require a down payment; however, most buyers choose to buy using cash upfront because more money down means a lower monthly mortgage payment.

3.    Researching where you want to live
Learn more about your area’s cost of living, taxes, utilities, and other housing costs.  Talk to a local Realtor and get an estimate on the monthly payment that fits your budget.  This information will help you create a financial plan so you can determine what is affordable.

June 6, 2012

Beat the Heat with these Summer Drinks

Are you entertaining guests this summer? Here are a few easy to make drinks that are bound to cool and impress.


Prudential Homesale provides real estate services in Maryland and Pennsylvania for both buyers and sellers. Feel free to contact a real estate agent with any questions you may have or visit our website at

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