The State of Real Estate

Homeownership is important and attitudes are positive, however, with the lingering crisis and trouble qualifying for a mortgage, we now find guidance is more important than ever.

Hearts & Homes

It’s Valentine’s Day, so here’s an Infographic that we found on which takes a look at how romantic attachments influence home buying.  The graph looks at the statistics for the married vs. single populations of U.S. cities. The U.S. demographics have changed, and for the first time more households are unmarried. Check out the full article here….

Time to De-Clutter

A brand new year has arrived, spring is just around the corner; it’s the perfect time to clean-out, clean-up, and get re-organized! Your bedroom closet is the perfect place to start. A cramped, chaotic closet can make your mornings very frustrating. Before you begin a closet remodel, evaluate your closet’s size and prioritize your storage…

Why use a Realtor to buy your next home??

    Real estate transactions involve one of the biggest financial investments most people experience in a lifetime. Considering the small upside cost and the large downside risk, it is worth using a real estate professional.  Determining price range – By providing some basic information about your financial status (income, savings, debt, etc.), a…

Repair or Replace?

Frustrated by a leaky bathroom faucet? You have two easy options, either repair it or replace it. Both options are simple enough to do yourself; follow the steps below and stop that annoying drip once and for all! To Repair: (slightly easier than replacing) First, you need to determine the source of your leak; is…