Halloween is a great time for your kids to dress-up and have some fun but it is important to keep them safe. Here are a few quick tips. Also see the bottom of this post for a list of Trick-or-Treat Times for some areas of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Trick-or-Treat Times in Pennsylvania and Maryland (times are provided by…

What to do When Your Basement Floods?!?

We hope you and your families are safe after the passing of Hurricane Sandy!  Should you find yourself with a flooded basement, the clean-up can be a daunting task. Read on to learn how you can start the clean-up and repairs… Things you will need: Electric Pump Spray Bottle Bleach Industrial Size Fan 1) Contact your…

Spooky Smells and Sounds in your House

At times the unexplained noises and odors found in your own home can seem terrifying. Below are some simple and reassuring explanations.  Things that stir in the night An unfinished attic space will amplify the sound of any small critter, such as a raccoon or squirrel, as it passes along the roof of your home….


Owning your own home has often been referred to as the “American Dream”. Before the housing crisis began in 2007, it wasn’t even a question as to whether or not you should try to buy a home. The thought was…..If you could afford it, you should do it!! The housing crisis has definitely taken its…’s Web Stats

We take pride in our efforts to expand our online exposure to help people achieve their dreams of homeownership.  These are some stats for our web traffic from January – June 2012 to, our cutting-edge real estate website that helps home buyers and sellers through all aspects of the real estate transaction.

Fall Clean Up Tips

The kids are headed back to school, the leaves are turning, and a chill is in the air. If you’re like most homeowners, fall also means opportunity to spruce up your yard and cut down on the work you’ll need to do when Spring arrives. Take these Fall Tips into consideration while preparing for the…

Garage Makeover (Part 2)

In today’s economy, homeowners are trying to make every inch of their home useful. They want more active and functional living space. Reclaiming attics, storage rooms, closets, garden sheds and garages is the easiest way to utilize wasted space. Garages are often full of “junk” that we no longer need or use. By giving your…

Garage Makeover (Part 1)

“An open garage is the window to one’s home,” says Monica Friel, an organizer with Chaos to Order from Chicago. Many of us have the typical garage dilemma…CLUTTER! We often use the garage as an area  to store items away, and it can easily get out of control. But don’t worry, there is a solution….

Projects That will Add Value To Your Home

Some improvement projects will add more value to your home than others. Read on to discover our top suggestions. Tidy the lawn-Start from the outside; curb appeal is the key to adding home value. Before tackling any major landscape projects, tend to your lawn. Re-seed as needed and consider fertilizers and weed control products to…