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August 12, 2013

Getting your College-Bound Teen Ready

collegeboundWithin the next month many parents will face the tough task of preparing their teen for dorm life for the very first time.  For the majority of students the concept of a home away from home can be overwhelming and a little bit frightening.

Here are some tips to help guide you and your teen through this exciting and trying period:

Emotional Impact…Your kid may appear confident and eager to leave home, but the truth is this can be a difficult transition for both of you.  Getting to know the school before classes begin is a great idea!  The more you know, the more you will feel a part of his/her life.  Plan a trip to see the campus if possible, an online virtual tour is a great alternative if you can’t visit.

On-campus housing can fill quickly; hopefully the room reservation was sent in as soon as your teen was accepted!!  Also encourage them to reach out to their new roommate ahead of time.  Facebook is a great way to connect and to get to know the person before moving day.  Get to know their likes/dislikes, hobbies, about their family, etc.  It’s also a way to organize who is bringing what supplies and furniture so they don’t end up with duplicates.

Small things can be done ahead of time to help kids adjust to their new state of independence.  Sit down and talk to your student about the expenses involved and help establish a budget that will work for everyone!  Sometimes pre-college programs are available and will provide them with a “small dose” of college life.  Talk about the great opportunities ahead and don’t dwell on challenges.  There will be good days and bad days!  The first semester is usually the hardest!  Communicate regularly, but not too much.   Be open to communication, but let them initiate it.  During these calls, pay attention to the names of classmates and professors, remember the course names and other information he/she shares with you.

Parents will also need to discover ways to handle their own separation anxieties!  This is a great time to find a new hobby or activity and develop new routines.  If Friday was always family night, find something else to do; get together with friends or enjoy a date night with your significant other.

A little preparation, good communication, and a little bit of confidence can make the college experience a memorable one for all of you!

Shopping List:

Laptop / Printer / Ink Clorox Wipes / Swiffer
Sheets/Blankets / Comforter Desk Lamp
Backpack / Messenger Bag Mirror
Laundry Detergent / Bag / Quarters Alarm Clock
Small Fridge / Microwave (if allowed) First Aid Kit / Other necessary medicines
Power Strip Storage bins
Shower Caddy A little piece of home (pics, etc.)
Flip Flops! A must for walking back & forth to the shower Car Accessories – gas credit card and AAA card are highly recommended!
Academic Supplies Room Freshener!!
Small Fan / Space Heater (if allowed) Snacks

Do you have a child heading into Kindergarten? Read our blog post on Avoiding Kindergarten Jitters.

January 21, 2013

Property Information at Your Finger Tips

While looking at properties, call or text our Home Info 24/7 phone number and get property details before you even leave the curb.

ADAMS & YORK: (717) 801-1845
BERKS: (610) 228-4346
CHAMBERSBURG: (717) 496-0826
LANCASTER & LEBANON: (717) 715-1835
MARYLAND: (433) 268-0780
SCHUYLKILL: (570) 385-1488

You’re on the go – grocery shopping, taking care of the kids, your morning commute, or just cruising through a neighborhood where you might like to live. Every time you see a home you like, the yard sign has a different phone number to find out more. Try calling that number during the evening or on the weekend, and you may find that the office is closed or the agent is unavailable. At Prudential Homesale, we think it should be easy for you to find out more about any home for sale when it’s convenient for you.

Prudential Homesale’s Home Info 24/7 is your curbside connection. Listen to current information about ANY HOME for sale with ANY COMPANY by using ONE phone number.  Hear estimated monthly mortgage payments, and have the option to connect to your Prudential Homesale real estate agent.

This voice technology is simple enough for even the most basic telephone. But, it also has robust features such as text confirmation and photos for iPhones, Droids and other smart phones. Find out everything you want to know about a property… while you are sitting right in front of it… even without getting out of your car.

Get the info you want…before you drive away. For more information contact your Prudential Homesale agent or activate your phone online at today!

November 12, 2012

How to Avoid Potential Deal Breakers

It is highly beneficial to work with a knowledgeable real estate professional who can advise and guide you through your home buying or selling experience. Since the unexpected is still a possibility, below are steps on how to avoid potential deal breakers.

Foreclosure date falls before buy date: With the high number of foreclosures in today’s economy, this is all too common. You find the perfect home, sign the papers, and then the home is foreclosed before you can secure your funding and seal the deal!
How to avoid: Find out the foreclosure date in the beginning and work hard to get everything done as quickly as possible!

Credit problems: The amount and type of debt you have can influence your ability to get a mortgage. Lenders do not like to see delinquency on loan payments, arrears on child support, or a high debt to income ratio.
How to avoid: Prepare ahead of time and take the steps to clean up your credit. Do your best to make timely and full payments on all your debts. Another thing to avoid…do not make large purchases (appliances, new car, etc.) until after your mortgage has been funded!

Who owns what? A home buyer thinks they are getting a 6000 sq. ft. lot, only to find out otherwise. Lot lines, shared driveways, and fences can be big stumbling blocks in a real estate transaction.
How to avoid: Review the title report carefully! They are not always easy to read, but take the time to do so carefully. Still not sure, have your real estate agent review it with you!

Proposed property use: Planning to run a business from your new home? Your dream may fizzle, if the home is not zoned for a particular use or if a homeowner’s association has the ability to deny your request.
How to avoid: Be sure to check into the zoning requirements and review any by-laws that may exist for the home.

Personal property and fixtures: Disputes over fixtures and personal property are common. It’s important to know the difference. Wall-mounted TV’s have become a frequent issue! Property that is permanently attached or fixed to real property which once removed will cause “permanent” damage to the real property is considered a fixture. Fixtures remain with the property!
How to avoid: Home sellers – if it is something special to you, remove or replace it before you list your home. Also make sure it is excluded when the offer is written.

Unexpected inspection findings: On a purchase of this size, home buyers should know what they are getting. Inspections can be deal breakers when an agreement cannot be reached on who will pay for repair costs, should a problem be discovered.
How to avoid: Sellers can have inspections done prior to putting the home on the market and can have problems fixed in advance. Home Buyers still have the option to get their own inspections performed. Repairs almost always cost the seller less if the buyer knows about if before making an offer.

Being an educated consumer and being “prepared” for the unexpected
goes a long way with holding a deal together!

February 22, 2012

Prudential Homesale Expands into the Maryland Market

Today we are pleased to announce our latest growth:

Expansion into the Maryland market via a partnership with Yerman Witman Gaines & Conklin.  This new partnership in Maryland will be known as Prudential Homesale YWGC Realty

Started in 2007, Yerman Witman Gaines & Conklin has been the fastest-growing real estate company in the greater Baltimore market.  

Prudential Homesale YWGC Realty will have offices at: 
1425 Clarkview Road Baltimore, MD
1011 Light Street Baltimore, MD
108 West Timonium Road Lutherville, MD
411 Malcolm Drive Westminster, MD
14346 Jarrettsville Pike Phoenix, MD 

As in the past, we will use this growth to sustain the programs that we have and to invest in new programs and services for the future. 

This additional partnership will not change our ownership in Pennsylvania or the Homesale name in your area. 

Over time, we believe this growth will further enable us to stay ahead of the competition.  We also anticipate more business and referrals from Maryland as a result of this expansion. 

   Doug Rebert
   Managing Director


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